WATCH: Mounties issue another warning about Canada Revenue Agency scam

It's one of the most widespread scams out there — and the CJAD 800 newsroom takes calls about it year-round.

And with the deadline to file your tax returns coming up at the end of the month, the RCMP is reminding taxpayers to be on the lookout for fake emails and phone calls, that claim to be from the Canada Revenue Agency.

One recent email claims the recipient is due a tax refund, but in order to claim that refund, they would need to provide personal information, like a social insurance number — information which, of course, is very valuable to a scammer looking to put together a profile on you.

The real Canada Revenue Agency says it would never send an email and any refunds are sent by cheque or direct deposit. The agency advises against clicking on any links in such emails.

If you have any concerns about the status of your refund, you are being advised to log into your account on the CRA's web site.