WATCH: New measures for Laval pets, including dangerous dogs

The city of Laval is introducing new pet control measures aimed at making their owners more accountable and responsible.

All dogs evaluated and considered dangerous after biting, attacking or even killing someone or another animal will be euthanized.

In other cases and depending on the level of risk, the dog will have to wear a muzzle or undergo behavioural therapy. 

Owners found to be negligent could face criminal negligence charges.

Laval mayor Marc Demers said after studying the issue and other jurisdictions for about a year,  they decided not to go down the breed specific legislation route.

"We don't believe that is a solution. That's basically it. We don't believe that that is the cause of the problem," Demers told a news conference.

As of April 1st, all dogs and cats will have to be registered and wear the proper tags - $27 for dogs and $15 for cats, valid for one year. They can be purchased at the multiservice counter at 1333 Chomedey.

As of January 2018, all dogs and cats will have to be sterilized, microchipped and vaccinated against rabies.

The new measures are expected to be adopted at next month's council meeting.

Other measures:
• Pet owners will be allowed a maximum of four animals that includes a maximum of two dogs A special permit can be obtained to keep a maximum of eight animals, with four dogs
• Dogs must be on a leash at all times except at dog runs
• Pets cannot be left alone in a vehicle for more than ten minutes when the temperature is -10°C or over 20°C and windows must left open

The opposition Parti Laval said the city was hasty in making the announcement without the proper consultation or discussion at the next council meeting March 14. It also called it a partial cash grab, saying that with around 60,000 cats in Laval at $15 per licence, the city will rake in around a million dollars every year for this measure alone.

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