WATCH: No customs agents at Quebec border crossing... for a time

It's normally manned by 2 agents during the day, but for 16 hours, 4PM to 8AM, there are no customs agents on site at a small Quebec border crossing.

People entering Canada are being processed by remote at the crossing dividing the Quebec town of St-Armand from Morses Line, Vermont.

"An agent in Hamilton takes over. It's called remote traveller processing", said CTV reporter Tanya Krywiak.

The Canadian Border Services Agency says you're interacting with a physical officer, but he's just not there, he's at the CBSA telephone recording center.

"It's a first in Canada and part of a pilot project... cameras are everywhere", added Krywiak, who passed through the border at a quiet time.

She couldn't see the agent, but they could speak to each other.

Passport scanning and other questioning is all done remotely.

Among other things, a C-B-S-A union official said cameras can't really replace workers.



- With files from CTV News