WATCH: Ontario St. restaurateurs unhappy with city orders to tear down patios for E race

A big surprise for restaurateurs on Ontario St. before the upcoming Formula E race.

They say the city of Montreal sent registered letters last week saying they have to remove their terrasses during the race... that they had to be dismantled before July 27th.

But they could be put back together after August 3.

The businesses are not impressed with Ville Marie borough compensation of up to $2,000 to take down, store and reassemble the patios.

They say the compensation isn't even close to what it shoud be.

"They say that number would actually be closer to 4 to $5,000. The city will be using Ontario street between Papineau and Berri as a detour during the E race as well as a place for emergency vehicles to park", reported CTV's Angela MacKenzie.

The event, featuring electric vehicles, is set to run through downtown streets July 29 and 30 on a three-kilometre loop between Berri St. and Papineau Ave. along René Levesque Blvd. and part of Old Montreal.

The city of Montreal is spending $24 million over six years to host the event.


-With files from CTV News