WATCH: Painter Park chalet closed since attack on security guards

Borough officials in St. Laurent have shut down a park chalet and suspended the activities there, saying it cannot guarantee the safety of its employees.

The chalet at Painter Park has been closed since an incident on March 19 where three teenagers assaulted a pair of blue collar workers at the park's library. The teens had apparently been given a warning by the blue collars, acting as security agents, to be quiet.

The teens, aged 15 and 16, then ganged up on the pair, aged 58 and 60, pummelling them in the head, arms and back. They suffered significant, but not life-threatening injuries, and are expected to spend the next few weeks on medical leave.

Painter Park and its surrounding neighborhood is not considered a hotbed for criminal or violent activity.

It's not clear when the chalet — comprising the community centre and the library — wil reopen.