WATCH: Patients seek to sue Quebec over alleged mistreatment in long-term care facilities

A patients' rights group is seeking authorization for a class-action lawsuit against Quebec long-term care facilities for the alleged mistreatment of patients.

The Conseil pour la protection des Malades alleges cuts to the health network since 2015 have led to a deterioration in the level of care and service provided to patients in the facilities.

It says it believes that thousands of the 37,000 people residing in these facilities have suffered mistreatment and undignified conditions.

Conseil spokesman Paul Brunet says those living in the homes deserve better.

The action targets about two dozen long-term care facilities across the province.

Lead plaintiff Daniel Pilote, a four-year resident at one of the care centres, says he's been the victim of mistreatment and wants to use the courts to improve conditions and obtain justice for himself and others.