WATCH: People in NDG raise a stink over tardy waste collection

Residents and business owners in NDG are upset. 

People on a block of Sherbrooke West haven't had compost pick up in three weeks. 

That's after problems with recycling. 

"First of all, it's very smelly, it's very gross when you open up the bins because, of course, last week I brought more stuff down. This week, I'm, scared to bring my compst down. I'm gonna put it in the garbage" one resident old CTV.  

One of two recycling companies hired to empty green bins was running behind schedule.

The borough said its bid was too low to do a proper job.

A new company's being brought in next month and the borough adds delays could last a few more weeks.   

The contactor told CTV the bid process was flawed, that the main reason for late pick ups is a backlog at the city sorting center for recyclables