WATCH: Politicians and police vow to do better after report into "highway 13 fiasco"

Politicians and police in Quebec are promising to do better after an investigator blamed the government's response system for the debacle on highway 13 in mid March.

It left hundreds of motorists stranded during a major snowstorm.

In his report, public policy consultant Florent Gagné largely blames both the SQ and the Transport ministry saying authorities underestimated the severity of the problems and communicated poorly with one another.

No one person is to blame, however, because the system didn't work, says the former head of provincial police and an ex-deputy Transport minister.

The report is offering 28 recommendations, most of which aim at strengthening the capacity of both organizations to mobilize when an emergency takes place.

The SQ said a new 24-hour a day operational co-ordination center is now open.

As well, officers must report in during emergencies.   

As well, Transport minister Laurent Lessard issued a statement saying he intends to use all the means necessary to improve the emergency response capacity of the department so that this situation doesn't happen again.


- With files from CTV News