WATCH: Possible Twister turns parts of Lachute upside down

While Tuesday's storm saw a microburst hit a section on N.D.G. residents in Lachute say a tornado struck the town north of Montreal.

At about 6:10 P.M. while many residents were sitting down to eat dinner the wind picked up.

"My window in the front started shaking and I told my husband something terrible is going to come" said Lorraine Girard. "I went in my room and I saw everything pass."

Loraine, like many others in the town saw what appeared to be a Jumper Tornado, an erratic tornado that forms and dissipates multiple times due to a back building thunderstorm.

The Jumper destroyed Loraine's shed, pool, deck and gazebo.

She was home at the time with her Grandkids, thankfully no one was hurt.

Bruno Langevin watched in disbelief as a funnel cloud appeared to form near his home. He managed to video the storm and post it to social media.

The video joined the many pictures showing just some of the devastation caused by the storm.

About 250 homes were damaged by the suspected tornado in about 10 minutes.

Environment Canada said early indications point to the extensive damage being caused by a tornado and has sent a crew of investigators to Lachute to confirm and determine its intensity.