WATCH: Quebec adopts cannabis bill

The Couillard government passed Bill 157, its cannabis legislation on Tuesday morning, by a vote of 61-46.

The Liberals and Québec Solidaire voted in favor, while the Parti Québécois and Coalition Avenir Québec voted against.

Bill 157 regulates the sale of cannabis, as well as who can consume it. For instance, it sets the legal age for consumption at 18.

The CAQ has proposed the legal age be set at 21, and it is on record as suggesting it would make that change if it wins government on Oct. 1.

PQ party Jean-François Lisée said Tuesday that he would like the Couillard government to ban the use of marijuana in public spaces, and also suggested that the management of the production and distribution of cannabis should lie with Quebec, not Ottawa.

Last week, the Senate approved the federal pot bill, but not without adding dozens of amendments. The House will go over and then vote on the revised bill at a later date.