WATCH: Quebec City mosque shooting survivor says lives could have been saved

A survivor of the deadly Quebec City mosque shooting has gone public about eyebrow-raising notes in a police report. 

Six men were gunned down during evening prayers last January.

Said El-Amari was shot twice, including a bullet which pierced the left side of his abdomen and struck a main artery. 

Nearly a year ago, someone left a pig's head in front of the Quebec Islamic Cultural Centre.

A police report obtained by the CBC says officers referred to a climate of "hatred" in their investigation of the pig's head incident.

"They should have warned us, he says. El Amari believes police could have done more to protect the Muslim community and that they would have taken their own precautions, such as locking the mosque's doors, something he believes could have saved lives. The shooter walked right in", reported CTV's Maya Johnson.

There was no comment to CTV by police.

Alleged shooter Alexandre Bisonette returns to court May 29th.