WATCH: Quebec to improve food at long-term care facilities

The Quebec government, stung by past criticism about substandard food in CHSLDs or long term care homes, says it's following up on its promise to improve it.

It's tapped into the expertise of the Institut de tourisme et d'hôtellerie du Québec to create 40 different menus catered to various cultural communities.

The institute — headed up by former Quebec Liberal MNA and MP Liza Frulla — will consult patients, families and caregivers and come up with the meals that will be offered alongside the 70 other standard menus throughout the province.

Quebec Health Minister Gaetan Barrette said at a news conference that it will not cost more to offer these different menus and they will be provided within the existing budget. He added that if the program needs additional funding, they will provide it.

The Quebec government is investing $100,000 in the initiative.

The menus should be rolled out by October of next year.