WATCH: Questions surround two-hour wait for police concerning a sexual assault case

The Open Door drop-in homeless centre says it will file a complaint with Montreal police after a 21 year old Indigenous woman showed up at the shelter Thursday morning telling them she had been raped. 

The shelter's Executive Director David Chapman tells CTV he had to make three calls to 9-1-1 over a two-hour span before officers finally arrived. Chapman says he also told police the case needed to be treated in a more sensative manner because the woman did not have confidence in police.

At one point, Chapman was told the call had been re-prioritized because it had been 48 hours since the woman had been raped, and that there was no suspect and no immediate danger to her safety.

Nakuset is the Executive Director of the Native Women's Shelter, and isn't surprised by the lack of urgency from police. She says it contributes to the numerous missing and murdered Indigenous women.

Chapman says that while the officers who showed up acted professionally, it did not appear that a report was made, and no card was given to either the woman or to the workers at the drop-in centre.