WATCH: Racist taunts yelled at First Nations hockey team in Quebec City

An ugly scene last week, when a first nations hockey team of teenage boys went to play in a tournament in Quebec City. 

The team's manager, Tommy Neeposh says the opposing team, and their parents yelled racist taunts at them — and nothing was done to stop it. 

He says they were playing in the Coupe Challenge Quebec, the minute they walked into the arena, they felt like they were being stared at and pointed at. 

During the game, Neeposh says some players, at least one coach and some parents made comments and yelled using racist gestures and language and despite approaching the referees and members of the opposing team, the Bulldogs de Quebec, nothing was done. 

"You can hear the parents saying 'gang de sauvages', and that's when it hit me hard, me," said Neeposh. "I said what did you just say 'gang de sauvages' and they said 'yes'. So I said 'gang de racistes'."

Neeposh says they've filed a complaint with the Bulldogs, which hosted and organized he event.  

Quebec's Native Affairs Minister tweeted today that all forms of racism in our society are unacceptable and the government vehemently denounces the events.