WATCH: Review of Quebec sexual assault cases going back 5 years ordered

The Quebec government wonders how many cases of sexual assault allegations are really unfounded.

The province has launched a one-year pilot project with provincial police to review such cases. It's based on a Philadelphia model that started in 2000 after an investigative report uncovered the city's police were not properly investigating alleged sex crimes.

Public Security Minister Martin Coiteux and Helene David, minister for the status of women, spoke at Sureté du Quebec headquarters in Quebec City to unveil the plan.

"From that exercize we will learn how to improve our practices, how we can support better the victims... so, this is an important announcement", said Coiteux.  

The SQ will go over cases dating back to 2012 if they're singled out by victims.

Advocacy groups will be included in the committee overseeing the reviews. 

David said there has been a flood of allegations made in Quebec in recent months, triggered by complaints made in the U.S.

"It doesn't stop but that means that it's a real change in culture," said David.

Since the system has been put in place, the number of cases deemed unfounded has dropped significantly in Philadelphia, and since been implemented elsewhere.

-With files from CTV Montreal