WATCH: Seniors get their final say in Montreal's Action Plan process

Anglophone seniors gathered in Pierrefonds for the final English consultation into the City's seniors action plan.

More than 50 people were on hand, giving their opinion on many topics including access to doctors, access to services and housing. 

Othelia Wegner was among those at the meeting. She moved to Montreal from Ontario and finds that the French signage in the city makes it hard to do basic thing.

"Now I can't even go to a grocery store and buy groceries properly" she told CTV Montreal.

Others were more concerned with security.

"More visibility, whether it be policemen on bikes or in cars" said Richard Sirois.

One issue that was brought up more than once: transportation.

"First of all the seniors what is out there for them. They have to be able to access the transportation" said resident Antonia Sealy.

"West Island is a big area so maybe some sort of working partnership between all the municipalities and boroughs in the West Island to have some sort of shuttle" added Denise Hupe. "Have more programs accessible to seniors for the ones that can stay in their homes."

Along with the recommendations to make Montreal more senior friendly, there were still calls to make the consultation process more senior friendly as well.

"To also hold them at a time of year when people are more mobile and able to get to these types of consultations easily" said Pierrefonds-Roxboro Mayor Jim Beis.

Once the consultation process is complete the city will go over all the recommendations and release its action plan in May.