WATCH: Sex ed pilot project comes to an end in Quebec

A trial sex ed program is coming to an end in Quebec, after it was tested preliminarily in 19 schools across the province over the past 2 years.

Quebec hasn't had a standardized sex education course in schools for more than a decade, but many say the pilot project - offering 5 to 15 hours of instruction - lacked guidelines.

Brian Seltman is principal at Howard S. Billings in Chateauguay, the only English high school to take part in the program.

Seltman tells CTV Montreal that the education ministry didn't give teachers much to work with.

"We definitely need everything translated into English, especially for the English system, that would help.  Some concrete resources and books that we can use." he says.

The Education minister says he is aware of the complaints and will make efforts to improve the program before rolling it out to other schools in the coming years.

With files from CTV Montreal