WATCH: Sexual assault survivors should be able to audit police probes of such cases: coalition

A coalition of sexual assault survivors groups says it's happening in some US cities, so, why not in Quebec.

It wants sexual assault survivors to be able to audit police investigations of such cases.

Supporters of the idea said allowing this would greatly help in healing an increasing rift between police and survivors.

"Last week, the SQ released information about its handling of some 800 cases of sexual assault, cases between 2014 and 2016. The SQ says the number of cases considered unfounded was 12 per cent, not 21 per cent as reported by the Globe and Mail in February. The SQ says it was satisfied these cases were handled correctly and it says it sees no need to analyze them further or change its investigative methods" reported CTV's Max Harrold.

Critics of the police said a lack of external analysis is a colossal missed opportunity, adding if police say cases are unfounded, that means authorities don't believe there was a crime. 



-With files from CTV News