WATCH: Sights, sounds from another big taxi protest

Quebec's cab drivers staged another show of force outside Transport Minister François Bonnardel's Montreal office Friday morning to protest Bill 17, the CAQ's new proposal to deregulate the taxi industry.

They gathered at four meeting points around town before the rush hour Friday morning, and rolled in unison toward the corner of René-Levesque Blvd. W. and Beaver Hall Hill, where they spent the noon hour honking horns and waving signs to make their point.

Later on Friday, Bonnardel said he won't withdraw the legislation, but added he's open to modifying it.

Taxi reps say while there have been meetings scheduled with the government, there isn't much to talk about — the $500 million in compensation the government is offering the industry is seen by cabbies as little more than an effort to try and buy them off.

CJAD 800's Matt Gilmour caught sights and sounds of the protest, from beginning to end: