WATCH: Snowplow driver takes out frustrations on recycle bins

We've all been there.

You're having a bad day at work. You're frustrated and have had enough. If you're going to lash out and do something you know is wrong you might not want to capture it on video.

Tuesday morning residents of several streets in Repentigny woke up to find their recycling bins had been tossed around and their contents littering their driveways and the street in front of their home.

It didn't take long for one local resident to find out what had happened.

A video originally posted to Snapchat and then uploaded to the Nouveau Spotted Repentigny Facebook page shows the culprit was a disgruntled snowplow driver.

The short video shows the man upset with blue bins being placed too close to the street. A City by-law requires residents place their bins are on their own property, but as many will tell you with the amount of snow this winter it can be tough.

So as the bins creeped closer and closer to the street, the unnamed driver took exception.

The City of Repentigny was made aware of the video and contacted the company in charge of snow removal operations and requested the driver no longer work within the off-island suburb.

The company, Excavation Majeau, has worked with the city for the past 15 years and said the driver in question was a sub-contractor and has been fired.

The damaged bins will be replaced with the bill being sent to the driver's employer.