WATCH: Some Rigaud residents urged to leave; town worried about more flooding

About 300 homes in Rigaud, west of Montreal, are threatened by flooding as water levels in the Ottawa River continue to rise.

Town officials say the heavy rain that fell Monday added to the misery in the region over the past two weeks.

Rigaud declared a state of emergency on April 20 but the order was lifted last week, after water levels started to stabilize.

The downpour yesterday, renewed concerns about the structural integrity of some homes bordering the river.

There are also fears the flooding has contaminated drinking water and carried sewage into homes.

Rigaud is offering a 24 hour shuttle service for anyone who needs to leave their house and is offering sandbags for homeowners who want to try and protect their property.

Quebec's public security minister toured neighbourhoods in central Quebec affected by the significant rainfall that has fallen in the past few days and is asking citizens to be patient.

"I think the next few days are not going to be days when things are going to improve right away," said Martin Coiteux during a visit to Shawinigan.

With files from CTV Montreal