WATCH: Spectacular downtown rescue of window washers

It was a movie-like rescue in downtown Montreal.

The equipment of two window washers malfunctioned and left them stranded on Tuesday.

It happened on Sherbrooke street near Peel.

CTV's Max Harrold reported the fire department's special Spiderman unit rescued them.

"Firefighters rappelled down the side of the building and very carefully hoisted the workers up one at a time from thier position at the 14th floor. They kind of walked up the side of the building as fellow firefighters on the roof supported the weight of the two men with pulleys and cables" reported Harrold. 

It seems the platform became stuck on that floor when its cable became intertwined hanging on the side of the 18-storey building.

The washers had water with them as they waited in the extreme heat and were not hurt.  

The rescue operation lasted an hour and a half.