WATCH: SQ investigating spectacular dump truck crash, charges possible

Provincial police are investigating Wednesday's spectacular crash involving a dump truck loaded with canola seeds in Repentigny. 

It crashed into a pedestrian overpass on the 40 near the exit at Brien Blvd. with its bin elevated. 

"Were the signals functional? Was there something wrong with the hydraulics? Did something not work, or was something accidentially deployed or ignored?, said the the Surete du Quebec's Daniel Thibodeau, who spoke with CTV.

The SQ said criminal charges are possible.

Police also said it was able to determine that the truck was travelling with its bin lifted for at least one kilometre and had a near-miss with a previous overpass.

“The first overpass was a close call. It was starting to rise at that point, but it did not make a contact. The truck continued and slowly the bed raised to the point to full deployment where it impacted the second overpass,” added Thibodeau.

Transport Quebec said the pedestrian overpass was dismantled due to the severity of the damage.

“Engineers investigated the structure and then the decision was made to dismantle the structure on the 40 east because it was not safe,” said Martin Girard of Transport Quebec, who also spoke with CTV.

A nearby driver caught the crash on video and posted it online, where it went viral. 

Thibodeau warned other drivers against filming while driving, urging those on the road to call 911 if they see something dangerous. 

No one was injured in the crash. 


-With files from CTV Montreal