WATCH: SQ officer criticized for lack of compassion following traffic stop

A lot of people still scratching their heads over how an SQ officer treated a Brossard man during a traffic stop on Sunday, as he was driving some of his Scottish relatives to the airport.

On Sunday afternoon, David Warren Jr. was driving his younger brother Craig and five-year-old niece, Ruby, to the Montreal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport. They had been visiting from Scotland and had a 5:35 p.m. flight to catch to Toronto, with a connection to Glasgow.

On the way to the airport, Warren Jr. was stopped by the SQ officer, apparently because he was driving with a missing sticker on his licence plate.

Warren insists he had paid his registration, and tried to explain to the officer that the confusion might have stemmed from his putting his car in storage while he was out of the country.  Warren says the payment was made after he got back to Quebec, but in the eyes of the SAAQ, the car was still in storage.

The ensuing discussion with the officer — the latter part of which was recorded — saw the officer essentially boot him, his cousin, and his niece onto a roadside, despite his pleas for compassion, and despite his niece's tears in the backseat of the car.

They pleaded for a ride from the tow truck driver who arrived to impound the car. Eventually, Craig and Ruby made their flights after grabbing a cab from a Verdun service station.

His father, David Warren Sr., told CJAD 800's Leslie Roberts the officer lacked compassion, and didn't seem to care that he was leaving his loved ones stranded.

"This policeman at least could have taken them somewhere safe, instead of saying 'not my problem,'" he said. "He drove off."

The elder David Warren says his granddaughter Ruby left with a negative image of police officers — and Canada — that she never had before.

"You tell them, policemen are good guys. You feel safe, police are there to help you," he says. "And on this occasion, this kid is confused. She's gone home, she goes, 'I don't want to go back to Canada. I don't want to go back to Canada.'"

Warren Jr. has filed complaints with police and the Quebec justice ministry relating to the incident.

-CJAD 800's Richard Deschamps contributed to this report.