WATCH: Street gang members arrested in sweep

Seven men with street gang ties were rounded up in Montreal on Wednesday, on suspicion of crimes leveled against the city's Italian Mafia.

The seven are all aged between 25 and 28.

Montreal police say the investigation which led to the raids began a year and a few days ago, on June 2, 2016. That's when a 72-year-old man with no mob ties, Angelo d'Onofrio, was shot and killed at a café on Fleury St. Police believe gang members mistook him for someone else.

Two men were arrested and now face charged in connection with the murder.

The investigation into the killing led to other crimes, and other suspects. Those crimes include at least three cases of arson, including the attempted firebombing of the Loreto funeral home in St. Leonard — a business owned by the Rizzuto family.

Firearms possession and armed robbery are among some of the other charges they now face.