WATCH: Striking lawyers forced back to work

Whether they like it or not, striking government lawyers and notaries will be going back to work this week.

A bill tabled Monday would force the 1,100 unionized workers, on strike since October, back to work. There is a special provision that gives the two sides 45 more days to come to a new collective agreement.

"They put a gun to our temple," said Jean Denis, president of the union LANEQ.

Denis said while his members had been seeking a wage increase, the main issue was never monetary and instead was bargaining power.

"Since the first day of that strike, the most important thing is the independent committee and that government said to us no, no, that's not important," he said.

In order to table the back to work legislation MNAs had to be called back to the National Assembly just as they were set to begin a two-week break.

Bill 127 includes a 45 day negotiation period; with an extension up to 15 days if the two sides be close to a deal by the time the deadline approaches.

Should the two sides are still unable to come to an agreement a mediator will work to reach a settlement within 30 days.

If all else fails, the mediator will publish a report that will be used to amend the currently expired agreement, renewing it until 2020.