WATCH: Strong reaction from Syrian Montrealers to attacks back home

Some in Montreal's Syrian community are pleased with the US airstrikes in their homeland.

23-year old Yaman Alqadri is about to become a Canadian citizen and told CTV she's been closely monitoring what's happening to her country.

"I was almost shivering. I opened the laptop to see CNN and I cried, we felt for the first time that justice can happen or might be near,” she said.

Alqadri said she was arrested and detained for a month after her participation in demonstrations in 2011 denouncing the Bashar al-Assad regime.

She had distributed pamphlets on campus while studying in Syria.

“I was beaten up, I was questioned. They used a Taser on me during questioning. It was horrific. It was painful. It's unforgettable,” she added.      

She also said she wants the Syrian regime to fall.

She's wanted to see the international community take action for years, not just condemn with words.

Meanwhile, the Syrian Canadian Council said actions against Syria must not stop. 

“We need to work on parallel fronts,” said Faizal Alazem.

“One is for real action in Syria, real investments in Syria, so that mass atrocities stop. And on the diplomatic front, because at the end, yes, we do need a political solution in Syria”,  added Alazem, who also spoke with CTV.





-With files from CTV News