WATCH: Strong winds cause damage, power outages

If the answer is blowin' in the wind, there's a good chance you could have found it in Montreal Wednesday evening.

The Arctic cold front that swept across the country brought winds gusting near 90 km/hr to our city, causing some damage along the way.

The strong air blasts are being blamed for toppling some scaffolding and construction material covering a building under construction on Montcalm St. near Sainte-Catherine. No one was hurt but police had to close a couple of roads nearby as crews cleaned up.

A little later that evening a billboard, in a parking lot between Notre-Dame and the Ville-Marie right next to Papineau Blvd., was blown over. It crashed down onto three cars parked underneath. No one was hurt.

The wild windy Wednesday is also the culprit behind some lost garbage cans, dirty lawns and downed trees and branches. It also produced some great visual moments for anyone who happened to be near the water during the peak of the gusts.

In Lachine, large waves crashed into the rocks, sending water shooting nearly 20 feet into the air, flooding the water front bike path.

(Author's note: That's my son. He was not scared. We were laughing the entire. If it looks like he's trying to run away it's because the wind was pushing his little 38 pound body around. He went out a second time, loved it, then went home and had a nice mug of hot chocolate)

At its peak the storm knocked out electricity to more than 65,000 Hydro Quebec customers across the province. More than 130 repair crews were sent out overnight to restore power to those affected. (For the latest numbers see below)

While it was windy and there was some damage here and there, Montreal did not see nearly the sizable storm that powered through the Greater Toronto Area.

As winds hit 100 km/hr Wednesday, the roof was torn off a strip mall in Mississauga, the large pole and KFC bucket/sign outside a restaurant came crashing down onto a taxi and a construction crane collapsed.

No one was hurt.

Tom Podolec

David Ritchie

Christie Bezaire / CP24

- Kelly Lapare contributed to this report