WATCH: Surveillance video shows confrontation between police and homeless man

The 38-year-old man shot and killed by police in downtown Montreal last Friday afternoon has been identified as Jimmy Cloutier, who's being described as a regular at the Old Brewery Mission.

Meanwhile, the head of the Old Brewery Mission says he wants to assist police in the wake of the shooting.

Just before the fateful confrontation with police outside the Mission at the corner of Clark St. and St. Laurent Blvd., he allegedly stabbed another man at the nearby Complexe Guy-Favreau.

The surveillance video, shot outside the Mission, shows Cloutier tossing a cup of liquid onto the ground, then bending over, apparently to put something else down, before he's seen picking up a bag and walking out of the camera's range.

Police then gave chase and shot Cloutier moments later.

The Mission's director, Matthew Pearce, says he wants to meet with the police chief to make his case for better police training for handling situations involving homeless people, and people in distress.

"I'm going to offer again to the police chief but this time directly the help of the mission in training programs for police officers how to deal with stressful situations with people who are homeless," Pearce says. "I'm going to invite the police to spend more time here."