WATCH: Towing controlled by the mob just about everywhere in Montreal: report

The job of towing away vehicles involved in accidents is controlled by organized crime just about everywhere in Montreal, according to a report tabled at city council Monday from the city's Inspector General.

In a 50-page report, Inspector General Denis Gallant charges that the city of Montreal is, in effect, divided into "small kingdoms where entrepreneurs rule, and enjoy enormous control" where towing operations are concerned.

Gallant writes that all but one of Montreal's 19 boroughs had their towing services run by members of organized crime, or those with links to organized crime groups, or those who were required to pay off biker gangs, mafiosi or street gang members.

The companies also will not tow in places "belonging" to a competitor under fear of various forms of reprisal — threats, intimidation, and even vandalism and equipment set on fire.

He also says the companies will not tow in zones considered the property of a competitor, and that "a climate of violence and reprisal reigns in the industry" for those who dare disrespect territorial agreements.

Gallant suggests this system has been in place for at least the last decade.

Meanwhile, the report also claims that while the two trucks are on the road, they're engaged in a host of other criminal activities, including drug trafficking, pimping, car theft, money laundering and loan sharking.