WATCH: Tragedy as Russian plane makes emergency landing in Moscow while on fire

41 people, including two children, are dead after an Aeroflot passenger plane made a fiery emergency landing in Moscow on Sunday, Russian authorities said.

In a statement, the country’s state-run Investigative Committee did not provide additional details about the victims, but said authorities would soon begin interviewing witnesses, airline workers and staff at Sheremetyevo Airport to determine why the emergency landing occurred.

Russia's Emergencies Ministry earlier said six people had been hospitalized.

Harrowing video aired by Russian news channel Rossiya-24 showed passengers leaping from the front of the burning aircraft onto an inflatable slide and staggering across tarmac and grass after the landing.

The plane, a Sukhoi SSJ-100 regional jet belonging to Russia's flagship carrier, had taken off for the northern city of Murmansk but returned when a fire broke out, Russian news agencies cited sources as saying.

There reportedly were 78 people aboard.