WATCH: Video captures STM agents hitting man with batons

The conduct of two STM agents is under the microscope after an incident at a metro station.

A video, recorded by Nzo Hodges, shows them hitting a man with batons at the Villa Maria station on Thursday.

The incident was caught on cell phone video, which was posted on social media. 

A witness told CTV said the man wasn’t being aggressive, but the agents "were being aggressive with him."

The witness also said there was a brief exchange with the agents and then the man was suddenly thrown against the concrete wall and onto the ground.

The STM said, in a statement, "in such circumstances, it must be known that the level of force used is always in response of the level of cooperation of the person being questioned." 

The transit agencysaid the man was bothering people, didn't have a transit fare and refused to co-operate with inspectors.


- With files from CTV