WATCH: West end city councillor relieved of duties at STM

Long time Cote des Neiges-Notre Dame de Grace city councillor Marvin Rotrand says he's been fired from his position at the STM.

Rotrand has been removed as vice chair of the transit corporation, he was appointed to the post in 2002.

He says he found out by accident, in an exchange of texts with his director general, and blames Mayor Denis Coderre for the decision.

"He's (Coderre) had to cobble together a voting majority by getting others on board but as he recruits people and gets stronger, he's getting less and less tolerant of any other points of view," he says.

Rotrand was elected as a member of the Coalition Montreal party and is now interim leader of the party but because he is the only party member on city council, he is treated an an independent councillor.

Rotrand has been a city councillor for 34 years.