WATCH: West Island man steps up to help vandalized mosque

As Montreal police officers were combing three Concordia University buildings following a bomb threat targeting Muslim students, a Pierrefonds man was helping a mosque in the Ville-Marie borough.

David Charles saw news reports last week showing images of the Tawuba Mosque on Ontario St. near Fullum after it had been vandalized; windows and been smashed, and garbage was strewn about the floor.

The mosque has been targeted by vandals before.

"I watched the story on the TV and I was very upset, as upset as I was with the shootings in Quebec City" Charles told CTV Montreal. 

"My father raised us that all people, all religions, everyone is equal and the way he raised us is you try to help people anonymously but in this case I felt a message needed to be sent."

Despite a medical disability, Charles was at the mosque Wednesday to donate money to help Imam Youssouf Fofana and the community bounce back after the latest incident.

Charles is calling on all Montrealers to come together and help the community feel safe address security concerns that have plagued the mosque for years.