WATCH: West Island mom says STM should punish bus driver for texting and driving

A West Island mother says she's livid with the STM, that a bus driver should be punished for something he did last Friday morning.

According to Debra Masterson, her son brought home a phone video showing an STM bus driver on the 68 bus on Gouin Blvd. in Pierrefonds texting and driving

She added the 16-year old was scared during the bus trip, adding the STM should take action.

"Minimum, suspension, at the most fired. Definitely some sort of suspension, I think there should be a public statement made about all of this because as more and more people hear about this, they want to know what the penalty was and I think it would be in the STM's best interest at this point to make a public statement", said Masterson in an interview with CJAD's Dave Kaufman.   

Masterson added she reached out to the STM, but there'd been no call back. 

"It's way too dangerous. The person beside you, the person in front of you could have a child, there could be someone crossing the street with a child in a stroller, or anyone, really. Everyone has to realize we're all accountable for our actions, and when that action dictates whether someone does or doesn't make it through the rest of their day, then that's just not acceptable", said Masterson.  

Andrew Brennan contributed to this report