WATCH: Women's shelters say government funding is tiny compared to what men's shelters get

Two of Montreal’s biggest homeless shelters for women say their funding is tiny compared to what's given to shelters for men.

Le Chainon has provided shelter, meals, and support for hundreds of women yearly, it's been around for nearly 90 years.

Almost all its budget constitutes private donations and hardly gets any provincial government grants, contrary to men's shelters, which get to 50 per cent of public financing.

Marcele Lamarche, Le Chainon’s executive director, spoke with CTV.

"I need security and to consolidate my budget so I can do as everybody else when I start my year, I'm not in fear that I might lose one, two, three donors that make a huge difference", said Lamarche. 

The Old Brewery Mission runs a unit reserved for women and says only 2 per cent of its funding comes from public grants.



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