'We care about traffic': Royalmount developer promises to rejig megamall plans

The developer of the controversial Royalmount entertainment and shopping project in TMR is promising an improved version this fall after concerns about more traffic and not enough affordable housing.

Carbonleo said it's also planning more public consultations and round tables over the next few months, as well as consulting groups with different expertise such as urban planning and artificial intelligence.

"Humbly, I can tell you we also need to do a better job communicating and we will,” said president Andrew Lutfy before an audience of about 800 people at a Montreal Board of Trade conference on major projects. 

Lutfy said that the tweaked project will be presented during an open house event.

"We care about traffic. It's not in anyone's interest including ours if we don't come up with sane solutions around mobility," said Lutfy during a presentation that lasted around ten minutes.

"This is a problem which has always existed. It's a shared problem with a shared responsibility."

Carbonleo said last fall it plans on building up to 6000 housing units on the site. 

The original project featured hotels, concert halls, a shopping mall and office towers right near where Highways 15 and 40 meet.