We haven't seen this kind of rain since 1872: weather office

No doubt about it — it's getting pretty close to two-of-every-animal weather.

And the weather office is suggesting southwestern Quebec hasn't seen this kind of weather in the first few months of a calendar year since 1872.

Marie-Eve Giguère with Environment Canada told the Journal de Montréal Friday that 285 millimetres of rain have fallen in the Montreal area since the beginning of January — an amount not seen in 145 years.

The city usually gets around 146 millimetres of rainfall between January and April.

And it's not over yet — some parts of southwestern Quebec could see another 10 to 20 millimetres this weekend, making an already dire flooding season that much worse — particularly north of the city.

There is, however, a sliver of good news — after another rainy, drizzly Friday, skies are expected to clear during the day on Saturday, making way for sunshine and double-digit highs on Sunday and Monday.