Weed stores make bad neighbours, say some nearby merchants

The SQDC says it is aware that some of its new weed stores don't make very good neighbours, and promises it will try to find solutions.  

The Journal de Montreal reports that in some cities, long line-ups outside Quebec's SQDC outlets are blocking access to nearby stores, and those businesses complain their customers are too intimidated to cross the line. 

The neighbouring merchants are also complaining about marijuana smoke drifting in as pot customers spark up as they wait or right after making their purchases.  

Parking has become scarcer around some SQDC stores, and even fast food joints which figured they'd make coin from snack-hungry SQDC customers are telling the Journal they're seeing a drop in business because other customers are staying away. 

The provincial cannabis agency is inviting neighbours who are inconvenienced to report the problems to their landlord, who in turn should get in touch with the SQDC.