Weekend road closures: June 1 - 4, Bicycle race edition

June is here, the weather is nice, the price of gas is through the roof, and the road closures list is getting longer and longer.

Question: Why should you just stay home this weekend?

Along with your standard road work closures, Montreal will also see dozens of other streets closed because of the Tour de l'Ile on Sunday and on Friday night for Tour La Nuit.

In the Turcot Interchange the following closures will be in effect from 11:59 P.M. Friday until 5:00 A.M. Monday.

  • Highway 15 North ramp to Highway 20 West
  • Highway 15 South ramp to Highway 20 WestHighway 15 South ramp to Route 136 East (new Ville Marie)
  • Highway 20 East ramp to Highway 15 North
  • Highway 20 East ramp to Route 136 East
  • Route 136 West will be closed from Exit 5 and the Pullman St. entrance to Highway 20 West

At the same time Notre Dame St. underneath the interchange will be closed between Monk Blvd. and Cote Saint Paul Rd.

Getting on and off the island could also be a major headache over the next couple of days.

On Highway 10 the eastbound lanes will be closed immediately after the Champlain Bridge.

The detour will take you through Exit 53 to Highway 15/Route 132 between 10:00 P.M. Friday and 5:00 A.M. Monday.

If you find yourself on Highway 15/Route 132 you will not be able to access Highway 10.

Over at the Lafontaine Tunnel the inbound lanes of Highway 25 will be off limits from 11:00 P.M. Friday to 5:00 A.M. Monday.

Motorists will be detoured off the highway at Exit 90. Ile Charron will be accessible via Marie Victorin Blvd.

On the West Island Highway 40 east will be closed between the exit for Highway 13 and the next entrance from 11:59 P.M. Friday until 5:00 A.M. Monday.

Construction won’t be the only thing forcing you through some extra twists and turns as Montreal’s Tour La Nuit closes some local streets Friday night and the Tour de l'Ile on Sunday.

You can find a map of the closures below.

Tour de Nuit Friday Night

Tour de L'ile Sunday