Well-known Montreal surgeon says Quebec needs pre-hospital helicopter program

A prominent Montreal surgeon says Quebec is unprepared to deal with a tragedy similar to last week's crash in Saskatchewan in which 15 people were killed.

Dr. David Mulder, director of thoracic surgery at the MUHC and chief surgeon for the Montreal Canadiens, said today Quebec is the only province in Canada without a pre-hospital helicopter program.

He says if a bus carrying children in rural Quebec hit a truck, there would be high mortality and difficulty getting the injured to one of the province's three Level 1 trauma centres.

The helicopter program in Saskatchewan known as STARS played an important role in transporting the injured to trauma care after Friday's bus crash.

Mulder has written an open letter to Quebec's health minister urging the government to help start a pre-hospital helicopter program.

A spokesperson for the minister says work is being done to advance such a program.