West Island company sees green as drivers continue to see orange on Montreal roads

The vast majority of Montreal drivers are likely tired of seeing orange traffic cones all over the city, but that's music to the ears of those in charge of Signalisation SMG in Dorval.

The company oversees the placing of traffic cones around road work and with major construction being done in the Turcot Interchange and on the new Champlain Bridge, vice-president Christian Fay tells CTV that business is great and will only continue to get better as new road work projects are announced.

There are roughly 10,000 traffic cones deployed across Montreal, and SMG replaces about 10 to 20 percent of them every year. They also make traffic signs, another common site in the city. Fay says that while it frustrates him as much as anyone else, SMG's signs are helping to make the situation better.

Montreal mayor Denis Coderre announced a 10 year plan to repair the city's roads and infrastructure this past fall, and while that means even more business for SMG, Fay says managing 50 or 100 construction sites isn't easy for the company's operation.

But with more than half of Montreal roads in need of immediate repairs, SMG will continue to enjoy great business for years to come meaning motorists will be seeing plenty of their traffic cones so long as repairs are needed.