West Island dad wants justice minister to investigate alleged bias within human rights commission

A West Island dad wants Quebec's justice minister to investigate the Quebec Human Rights Commission, accusing it of bias and a lack of transparency in handling his alleged claim of racial discrimination against his daughter.

Eric Tran had filed a complaint claiming his daughter's school, Collège Charlemagne, failed to address concerns about alleged racial bullying against his daughter by other students. 

Tran and his daughter, now 17, allege the commission's investigator grilled them for 90 minutes in an aggressive and antagonistic manner and asked them questions about things only the alleged bullies would know. Tran alleges the investigator appeared to have made up her mind after getting the school's version of events without disclosing that to him.

Eric Tran accuses Que Human Rts Commission of bias in handling alleged claim of racial discrimination against his daughter. Alleges investigator already made up her mind before getting their side. Shocked that investigator allegedly handled other cases the same way. #CJAD800 pic.twitter.com/z5ucijj1nG

— Shuyee Lee (@sleeCJAD) July 31, 2018

The Center for Research-Action on Race Relations (CRARR),  which is helping Tran in the case, said the first meeting with an investigator is aimed at getting the victims' side of the story, not to attempt to discredit them.

CRARR said the same investigator acted the same way in two other cases they're involved in, even bringing one victim - a Black anglophone youth with an intellectual disability - to tears.

Tran said he was shocked to learn that his case was closed and the investigator was not removed from the other cases while his complaint against her was being processed.

CRARR executive director Fo Niemi said they'd never seen that before.

Tran's daughter said she felt the school did not listen to her side of the story and that the same thing is happening with the Quebec Human Rights Commission.

"It made me feel like I had no other option, I had nowhere to go, I was cornered," said Audrey, who did not want to use her real name for fear of reprisals.

Tran said he wants his case re-opened and investigated by someone else and he's also calling on the justice minister to open an external inquiry.

Eric Tran accuses Que Human Rts Commission investigator of being aggressive, antagonistic, grilling him & his daughter, stating elements from the other side they didn't know she had. When he filed complaint, he was shocked she wasn't removed from other similar cases. #CJAD800 pic.twitter.com/Uh5uZQ6eWY

— Shuyee Lee (@sleeCJAD) July 31, 2018