West Island residents wonder, Dude... Whose car is that?

When the snow melts in Montreal you can expect to find a lot of things, garbage, "presents" left by dogs whose owners "forgot" to pick up after them and even a fun summer toy that you forgot to bring in before winter set it.

You don't expect to find a car.

But that's exactly what happened in D.D.O. on Brunswick Blvd. near Sources. As a large snow mound melts away, it has revealed a Mazda SUV. 

A photo of the mysterious vehicle was posted to social media and instantly piqued the interest of anyone who saw it.

Some who saw the picture couldn't help but laugh, because they saw the same car there months ago.

"Mid-January my husband and I went for bunch and as we were parking I noticed this old looking truck stuck in a snow bank" Lauren Treiber told CJAD News. "Then to my surprise, I see this pop up on What's Up West Island... I was just dying of laughter knowing that it's still there."

Other people have said they saw the same vehicle in December.

The management of the strip mall where the vehicle is parked is not in Montreal, and therefore no official complaint was ever filed with police to have it towed.

Police are aware of the SUV, saying it is not stolen and officers who were sent to the scene to check it out found nothing out of the ordinary, other than it being a car buried in a massive mound of snow.