West Islanders forced to turn to Facebook to find missing mail

Some residents from the west island community of Beaconsfield are upset with the way Canada Post has handled the backlog of mail created in the weeks following the February 13th snow storm, that made city sidewalks and icy driveways too dangerous for mail carriers.

496 Canada Post employees were injured because of falls during the first 7 weeks of the 2019, according to a spokesperson for the crown corporation.

But, for Beaconsfield resident who went multiple weeks without home delivery, a little notice would have been nice.

"I don't debate that the conditions here this winter have been terrible," said Kalynne Ludgate, a Beaconsfield resident, in a letter to yourstory@cjad.com, "but, a simple communication telling us what to do, should have been sent."  

"The part I have an issue with is Canada Post never informed anybody that we weren't getting any mail, and where to get our mail" said Jill Savouré, another affected Beaconsfield resident, in an interview with CJAD 800. 

For that information, the pair both say they had to go to the Beaconsfield community facebook page, where they discovered their undelivered mail was being held at a Canada Post facility at 186 Sutton Place, off Saint-Charles near Highway 20.

"Somebody said you have to go pick your mail up at Sutton Place because it's stacked up, so that's what I did the other day," Savouré said. "But, (the woman at the facility) said that they didn't have everything, and I'd have to go back this Friday."

To make matters worse, the facility is a disorganized mess, overflowing with unsorted mail, and only open four hours per day, Monday-Friday from 9am to 1pm, according to Ludgate.

"I went to the depot (on March 5th), at 12:30pm, and it took the person looking for my mail half-an-hour to look through boxes and he could not find my mail," she said. "There were three people behind me and he shut the door at 1 o'clock, so they didn't even get a chance for him to look for theirs."  

A spokesperson for Canada Post told CJAD 800 in a statement that mail delivery has resumed where it is safe to do so, and he hopes to be through the backlog shortly. 

If you have not received mail for an extended period of time, the post office advises you to call 1-800-267-1177, and they will contact the postal facility that serves you.