What's going to cost you more as of today

While many of the headlines published April 1, will try to trick you, this one is not because there's nothing funny about paying more for stuff.

The new month brings several new price and rate increases that will unfortunately take more money out of your wallet.

First, Hydro-Quebec rates increase 0.9 per cent. For the average residential customer it will mean an increase of about $1.10 per month or $13 a year.

If you park your car on the street you'll need a couple extra quarters handy, as parking meters will cost an extra 25 cents per hour in all boroughs. Day rates for Parcojours spaces in the Plateau-Mont-Royal borough increase by 50 cents.

For those who enjoy a beer or two, the Régie des alcools new (up between 2 and 2.3 per cent) minimum price of beer sold. Most Quebecers won't really notice the increase as the majority of stores that sell beer (Costco and a handful of smaller stores excluded) already sell the products for a couple dollars more than the minimum price.