What secret project is MP Nicola Di Iorio working on?

Pressure is building on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to release details about the special assignment that is purportedly keeping MP Nicola Di Iorio away from the House of Commons.  

The MP for Saint Leonard-Saint Michel hasn't been seen in the Commons for several months after first announcing that he would be leaving politics, then recinding his resignation and saying he was still in a period of reflection about his future..  

A few days ago, he explained why he'd been away from Parliament Hill, saying the Prime Minister had given him a special responsibility and had authorized his absence.  

The group Democracy Watch tells La Presse that voters are not being well served by the secrecy.  As well, two Tory MPs made an issue of it during Question Period yesterday.  

The Prime Minister's Office will only say Di Iorio is working on a road safety issue, and he is expected to make an announcement in a few days.