What the cluck? Saint Lazare considers backyard chicken coops

Next Tuesday, Saint Lazare will hold an egg-citing public consultation.  

Residents of the semi-rural community west of the Island of Montreal are invited to weigh in on bylaw amendments which would permit backyard chickens. 

The councillor leading the backyard chicken initiative is no fan of cluckers herself.

"I'm definitely not a chicken person," says Genevieve Lachance.  "I'll keep going to the store to get my eggs."

But Lachance says it doesn't make sense in a community like Saint Lazare to outlaw small coops.

"I mean, we have equestrian zoning where they don't allow chickens but you can have horses, " she says.

Saint Lazare's proposed bylaw would allow three to five chickens in a backyard, but no roosters.

Lachance says if the bylaw changes are approved, possibly within a few months, Saint Lazare will hold an information session for residents, to ensure they know what they'll be getting into if they choose to raise chickens in their backyards.