What To Do This Weekend: Baseball, Burlesque, Pulp Fiction, Morning Rave

Baseball is back! The Toronto Blue Jays face the Pittsburgh Pirates in a two-game exhibition series at the Big O. Relive what it was like - sort of - to have baseball in Montreal! They play Friday night and Saturday afternoon - as long as the roof holds! Tim Raines, friend of the Andrew Carter Morning Show and new Hall of Fame inductee, is getting some special honours before the Friday match. 

Rise and greet the day with Daybreaker, an exercise session designed for fitness fanatics! It's Saturday morning, bright and early at 10am at Theatre Fairmount! The day starts with a hugging train, a one-hour yoga session and then a two-hour dance party, along with motivational speeches and 'artistic performances'. Breakfast, and kombucha, coffee and probiotic smoothies are all included in the ticket price!

See some of Montreal's best storytellers live with the monthly series Confabulation, this Saturday night 8pm at the Phi Centre. The theme is excellent: SECRET WEAPONS, SECRET WEAKNESSES: Stories of inner superheroes and Achilles heels!


  • Last weekend to catch Angélique, which is based on a real-life mystery: who burned down Montreal in 1734? A black slave named Marie Josèph Angélique was executed for the crime, but there is no doubt that she was the arsonist. Late playwright Lorena Gale attempts to unravel Angélique's story through real records and imaginative writing. Angélique is at the Segal until Sunday. Read more about the history of the fire and my take on the show here
  • And it's also the last few days to seeYou Will Remember Me, a play by Quebec writer Francois Archambault about a professor who can still do his job, but is finding day-to-day life clouded by dementia. At the Centaur Theatre.
  • And on Sunday night at the Freestanding Room in the Plateau... Date Night! Artist Jacqueline van der Geer invites two random performance artists to meet and 'get to know each other' for an improvised 90 minute session during which they will present five objects to each other... the audience is invited to take part. The show is free and starts at 7:15pm. 

I just learned about a pretty cool monthly event called General Audience, which is an opportunity for speakers to share know-how with an audience. The theme for April is Montreal Music Makers... artists talking about their influences in something that is a cross between a concert and oral presentation. Performers include Balkan/Quebecois singer Briga, indie pop collective Woodpigeon and Bergþóra Jónsdóttir (AKA DJ Backthrowa), who just moved here from Iceland. Catch this Saturday night at the Rocket Science Room in Little Italy. 

Quentin Tarantino's shoot-'em-up classic Pulp Fiction is screening in an archival 35mm format. At the Dollar Cinema at Décarie Square Mall, Friday night at 9pm.

And Blue Night Burlesque takes over Café Campus Saturday night. The MC is Canadian Wolfman, out of Toronto, and performers include Bibi LoloBangBang, Trixie Cups and Velvet Latouche!