What to do this weekend, Oct 13-16

Sarah Deshaies produces the Andrew Carter Morning Show. Every Friday at 8:20am, she tells you about the big, quirky and off-the-beaten-path events happening in Montreal. Here is this week's list, with links for more information so you can get out and enjoy the city! 

Ever seen Psycho? This is your chance to see the Hitchcock classic about a visit to a motel gone wrong at Cinema du Parc's Parc at Midnight series. Friday and Saturday at 11:30pm, and Sunday at 2:30pm. Head’s up: don’t be late!

Lamparium is an immersive, 30-minute show exploring the concept of light at the SATosphere. You lie down on a beanbag chair and look up at the dome as lamps dance around to a thumping beat. Last weekend to catch this! 

KM3, the free outdoor art show is also coming to a close this weekend. It features a dizzying number of giant artworks, including a suspended staircase, an outdoor nook with curtains and hammocks, and Colossal Wave, a tower from which you can toss a bowling ball (safely). There is also the Compassion Machine, which uses surveillance technology to screen your face and analyze it. They use actual tech used in airports and CCTV footage to analyze your reactions. Walk up to the giant installation just outside the St Laurent Metro Station. You can take a guided walking or bike tour through the art as well.

Want to reduce your footprint on the world? The Zero Waste Festival takes over the Marche Bonsecours on Saturday and Sunday, an how to cook and live while reducing your footprint in the world... entry is free but you have to pay for workshops and demos (which are filling up fast, per the Gazette!)

What would a Halloween party with the 5 R's look like? A bash at Bain Mathieu in HoMa is being billed as Montreal's first eco-friendly Halloween party. On Friday night, sip on Kombucha, get your face done by makeup artists, and taken in live music. I think it's safe to assume your costume should not be coming from the Halloween store or Dollarama. To fit in with the theme, which is set 150 years after the apocalypse, dig around in your closet or a thrift store for your threads. Presale tickets are $30. 
In the theatre world, Black Theatre Workshop presents Katori Hall's The Mountaintop, starting Saturday at the Segal. It imagines the last night of Martin Luther King Jr's life before his assassination. You can also see the gripping one-man show Playing with Fire: The Theo Fleury at the Centaur. 

Drown your sorrows and gain some wisdom with live talk show Life Lessons. Host Keith Waterfield walks his guests through their stories with a glass of whisky and a side of banter. Saturday, 9pm at MainLine Theatre.

The Phenomena Festival is an eclectic peformance arts festival on now: something you can check out Friday is the return of the Kiss my Cabaret show at La Sala Rossa, hosted by actress Danette Mackay. The lineup includes something called Dante’s Flaming Uterus and the burlesque dancer BonBon Bombay. Full schedule here

Friday the 13th would not be complete without some witchy burlesque! The talented people at the Wiggle Room are paying homage to the TV show, American Horror Story. Host is Elle Diabloe and dancers the Mighty Leviticis and Spanky Dickens.